"La Gran Tirana" HD
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One of the main reasons I started focusing a lot of my art on the shit undocumented folks go through was because I was offended by the way journalists were telling our stories. Despite the fact that undocumented youth were putting their bodies on the line to come out, journalists were still calling us illegals and getting the story wrong. They’re doing it again. Trying to find different angles to explain what we’ve known for years: we migrate for survival. And they’re doing a shitty job at telling these stories…
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Julio Salgado with Yosimar Reyes
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The awkward moment you realize that your teenage idols are problematic. New “Liberty For All” ya’lls!
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During #pridemonth, DreamersAdrift will be premiering a new video every Monday! Check out Carla’s video here! HD
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because it runs deep.  HD
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Pedazos De Mi HD
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