Liberty Martinez and friends will be back tomorrow over at! ‪ HD
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Image by Julio Salgado HD
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» Mangos With Chili

Go on tour with a bunch of queer artists? Hell yeah! I’ll be joining the last leg of this awesome Mangos with Chili tour in these dates:

February 10, 2014 San Antonio, TX

February 11, 2014 Off Center, Austin, TX

February 12, 2014 Numbers, Houston, TX

February 13, 2014 New Orleans, LA

So if you’re around, come thru!!!

Just made a new batch of this print! You can continue to support my art by purchasing one (or maybe more) of my posters at my online store! They make really good late x-mas gifts.  HD
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» 22 Powerful Images By DREAMers: A Window Into Life As An Undocumented Immigrant In America

Shoutout from Buzzfeed today.

A celebration of POC artistry in the midst of the racist bullshit. Happy New Years y’alls! Click here to check out this illustration I made for ColorLines. HD
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Dedicated to my friend Ireri Lora.

"Aqui estoy establecido/En los Estados Unidos/Diez años pasaron ya/En que cruce de mojado/Papeles no he arreglado/Sigo siendo un ilegal." - Los Tigres del Norte

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I'm a queer mixed-race art activist based in Oakland. I'd love to grab coffee some time and pick your brain about life as an artist for the movement, if you're down. Hope you are well. : )

Let’s do it! I have stories for days lol

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