Undocumented and AWKWARD Ep. 2

You’ve been there. Just looking the other way pretending you don’t recognize that old high school or college classmate. Then you guys lock eyes and bang, awkward. It’s not so much the weight you’ve gained. Or the gray hair that has sparkled around the sides of your head. It’s the circumstances that has led you to that particular situation. 

Say  you’ve graduated from college, but due to your immigration status, you can’t really use that college degree. But you gotta eat and pay the bills right? So you do the best thing and look for a job that doesn’t really care about your status. 

For the most part, these jobs don’t really have anything to do with your degree. But you take them because your parents thought you to be responsible. So you got a job flipping burgers? Fine. Whatever, you can do it. Then that old classmate walks in and bang, awkward.

All you want to do is explain your situation. You just want to say: I’M ONLY TAKING THIS JOB BECAUSE I DON’T GOT PAPERS. You want to say that you went to college and your immigration lawyer was an asshole that put you in deportation proceedings. 

But you don’t say anything. Instead, you politely say “hi there, how you been? So do you want me to supersize your drink?”

Posted on November 10, 2011

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